About Vessels of Cor: Conquest


The universe is a living, thinking, and feeling thing. Bearing the name of Legion, it lived in peace for eons, ruling without any threat to its illustrious domain. However, as humanity and other sapient species advance and spread across its expanse, the threat of them discovering primordial, dangerous artifacts deeply concerns it. In response, Legion begins to amass an army of horrific thralls and warships to permanently cripple the capabilities of intelligent life in order to save itself.

However, a strange entity known only as the Anomaly forges a child by the name of Cor. The Anomaly has simple but ever ambitious goals for his beloved child. The newly born angel is destined to study the lives of two of humanity’s greatest heroes from the twenty-eighth century onwards in order to gather the knowledge necessary to prevent a mysterious, universal calamity destined to occur in the year 3025, one that will carry the fate of all life, including Legion itself.


Vessels of Cor: Conquest is divided into several short stories that form a cohesive storyline. The book includes the following:

  • Champion of the Anomaly
  • Voice of the Abyss
  • The Servant of Space
  • King of the Diamond Sea
  • Seraph of Damnation


Vessels of Cor: Conquest is currently available exclusively at Barnes and Noble in Paperback format. Below is a link to purchase the book on the Barnes and Noble website!