About the Author

Hello! I am Timothy J. McBride, author of Vessels of Cor: Conquest. Science fiction and fantasy have always represented the same thing to me that they likely do to you - an escape from our world and a gateway into one far more spectacular! As a result, I spent my adolescence dreaming of creating my very own world and, after trial and error, I believe Vessels of Cor is indeed bringing that dream to fruition. This world has been my passion project for years now, but before we get to that, let me go back and explain who I am a bit.

I was born and raised in Florida, USA, which is as beautiful as it is a fiery inferno in the summer months. To me, sci-fi and fantasy were always present in my younger years, from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings. I had always dreamed of wandering a world full of vivid characters and grand ambitions! In fact, creating stories was something I enjoyed since before I could even write my first words, and now I am truly fighting to share my creation with the world. Other than writing, I was just another kid growing up, albeit with that certain something that reminded the world that I had different but vastly magnificent goals. I played outside in nature with my friends (heck, I still explore the woods on my downtime), I practiced martial arts, and overall just tried to do well in school. But now, I have dreams that I need to attend to.

Let me be honest, writing and publishing is a tough business, but it is one I have every intention of working with. It is this which brings me to saying thank you to the person reading this. By spending your time here with me today, you are showing me that this dream is possible and that other people are here to listen to what I have to say. Together, we can all explore a truly wonderous universe waiting to have its secrets uncovered!

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