The sections below act as synopses for the various stories in Vessels of Cor: Conquest.


Champion of the Anomaly

Cor, an astral angel, wakes up for the first time and is given his mission by a mysterious entity known as the Anomaly.


Voice of the Abyss

New recruit for the imperial army Peter Nicholas finds himself thrust into a dangerous situation when he is sent outside of his colony on planet Queloz. He quickly discovers that the isolated colony is under siege from an unknown cosmic force that has no intentions of showing mercy.


The Servant of Space

The USS Oppenheimer is trapped in deep space by a pair of alien warships. However, the aliens express no interest in killing the humans, but detaining them for unknown but nefarious purposes.


King of the Diamond Sea

A short narrative written from the perspective of an alien warlord named Alea Iacta detailing his rise to power on his war-torn planet following Legion’s invasion.


Seraph of Damnation

The time for Cor's awakening has arrived. When humans on Jupiter's moon Callisto discover a hypnotic entity claiming to be the savior of sapient life, the Anomaly brings forth his angelic son Cor. However, Cor quickly realizes that the mysterious entity's awakening attracted far more terrifying forces than himself.

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