Two Stories Were Removed From Vessels of Cor: Conquest, Here's Why

Published on 16 April 2023 at 18:38

Sacrifices are necessary evils in everyone's lives, and this is true also for myself and my writing journey. In this article, I will provide an explanation for why a short story and a novella will be removed from the final product of Vessels of Cor: Conquest.


The stories being removed are The Chitin Feud and The Assault on New Yosemite. The synopsis for The Assault on New Yosemite reads: "The governor of the colonies on New Eden writes a letter to the Grand Overseer of the Nebula Empire, detailing an attack of extraterrestrial invaders on the nearby planet of New Yosemite." The synopsis for The Chitin Feud reads: "An exploration team tasked with investigating the xenobiology of planet New Yosemite discovers a vicious war between the two native species. However, ruins and fingerprints from an ancient species seem to suggest a darker cause for such a war, the secrets of the conflict buried beneath the planet's surface."


Beginning with the narrative reasons, which I argue are more significant, there are two main concerns with The Chitin Feud and The Assault on New Yosemite, the two stories being removed from the final version of Vessels of Cor: Conquest. Firstly, the primary antagonist of Vessels of Cor: Conquest is almost entirely absent from these stories, a difference from the other stories that I feel will create a confusing contrast. Moreover, this diminishes the relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist if one of them is absent from the other's struggle. The second narrative reason for these stories' removal is the inclusion of new characters, species, and locations that I would need to squeeze into further installments of the series despite a lack of relevance. The last thing I want is to include things in my story that overwhelm the audience or worse, offer the audience nothing to their investments in the story.


That being said, there are some logistical issues with the inclusion of these stories. Firstly, the added page count would significantly increase the price of manufacturing each book, thereby increasing the retail price of the product, something that limits accessibility to potential readers. Secondly, some readers are intimidated by larger books written by authors that are new to them, which is a reality that I, as a newly published author, must consider.


So, what will happen with The Chitin Feud and The Assault on New Yosemite? Well, I do believe in my heart that these stories deserve to be shared with you. However, one thing I can say with nigh certainty is that The Chitin Feud will not be available as a free story on this website; I am considering posting The Assault on New Yosemite for you, however. But, if this happens, it might be presented as a tease for a future project. What is this project? I was considering creating another anthology dedicated entirely to the conflicts and stories on New Yosemite, the location featured in the aforementioned stories. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

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