New Free Stories Released!

Published on 20 August 2022 at 17:16

As of today, August 20th, 2022, two new stories are being released on the Free Stories Page for your enjoyment! These stories are titled Prophets From the Stars and The Architect of Solitude respectively.

The synopsis for Prophets From the Stars reads: "A series of bright lights and an unnerving hum wake Hank Gregory in the middle of the night. He steps outside to investigate, but finds something he would never forget." The story is seven pages long and a convenient yet enjoyable read for any fan of science fiction.

The synopsis for The Architect of Solitude reads: "In a moment of crisis, Matt finds himself mentally grappling with a beast. The monster manipulates, frightens, and torments the young man, all the while its malign intentions are unknown." Though this is a darker story, its length of only eight pages makes it a convenient and thought provoking read for anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers or topics relating to the mental health of contemporary young adults.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new stories!

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Lavender Inspiration
a year ago

Your stories are suspenseful, horrifying, and deeply thought-provoking. Looking forward to more!

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