New Free Stories Coming Soon!

Published on 6 August 2022 at 13:45

In addition to The Monstrosity of Kansas, there will soon be two additional stories on the Free Stories page. Though I would like to save the surprise for their day of release, I will be dropping some info on the upcoming stories in this post.

The first story is to be titled Prophets From the Stars, which was written back when I was sixteen. Like The Monstrosity of Kansas, this story has sat in my documents for a long time waiting to have something done with it. So hey, might as well self-publish here on my website! Now, this short story is in fact very short, I'm talking only a few pages, however this does not mean that the piece lacks quality. In fact, I chose this story out of several specifically because of its description, its characters, and its overall theme. I truly believe that Prophets From the Stars will be worth the wait!

The second story, however, is still being written. It will be titled The Architect of Solitude and it will take on a darker tone than what is normal in my work. It will consist of three brief chapters, overall making up another particularly short story. However, I do want to inform you that this story will be taking a much different approach to your typical creature feature, as the monstrous entity in the piece takes on a mastermind position.

As for the release date of the two stories, I cannot at this time give a specific time. This is because whatever I say, I will likely release it beforehand. However, what I can give you is a date to expect the stories' release at the very latest, which is September 1st. So definitely check back soon on the Free Stories page to experience some new interesting material! As always, I hope you enjoy!

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